Fuel sales growth.

Leverage our client network and offer a premium client experience.


Position your brewery in the world's largest craft beer marketplace.

New sales opportunity. Gain access to a network of thousands of retailers that love the premium ordering experience offered by the PivoHub marketplace.

Showcase your beautiful branded products on 3D rendered containers and provide up-to-date product info, allowing for convenient product search.

Manage all your orders in one place.
Stay organized and in sync with your reps throughout the ordering process. Solve any ordering issues directly within the order, while looping in distributor and client.

Modernize your order entry process.
Quickly create orders from the field and order products from multiple distributors in seconds.

Accelerate order fulfilment.
Pending orders automatically reserve inventory until processing - greatly reducing rejection notifications. Then, packing slips or invoices are automatically generated and become available for shipping.

Real time inventory levels for happier clients.
Lose the paper inventory sheets. Keep your inventory up-to-date in a few clicks and let your clients know exactly what is in stock or soon to be released.

Group-based inventory visibility, availability, and pricing. Allocate more specialty products to good clients, allow them to preview upcoming products, and reward them with special pricing.

Digital inventory logs.
Don't worry about deciphering terrible handwriting. Each inventory operation is tracked, dated, and explained concisely.

Create and measure email templates.
Turn repetitive product availability emails into templates you can send in seconds. Personalize the content with a few clicks to showcase your best available products. Build group-specific templates that can be sent to all members of groups. Then track performance and orient your follow-ups via Mailchimp or Mailster.

Monitor your sales in real-time. Assess your sales performance at a glance and quickly identify best selling products and top retailers.


Get notified when important events occur. With customizable notifications, you can decide what event you wish to be notified of via PivoHub or by email. Notification & language preferences are set per user.

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